Why Premium?

Quality Learning

Premium Language Centre’s Programmes are systematically designed to ensure that our learners are able to obtain the most PREMIUM language learning in an environment that is both conducive and comfortable. We do not only focus on one particular skill as we believe that all skills are equally important to master the target language. Therefore, equal attention is given to Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking to ensure that our learners are able to communicate effectively.

International Language Standards

All our programmes are based on the latest practices of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages to ensure standards and quality in teaching and learning.

5 Stars Rating

Premium Language Centre has been recognized as a five-star language centre by the Malaysian Ministry of Education for its standard and quality in the private education sector.

Time and Cost Efficient

Our promise to our learners is that we will work with them to ensure that they can master the target language in the fastest and cost efficient manner. In other words, we believe in saving time and money.

Our Language Instructors

Our instructors are carefully selected, trained, and always ready to engage keen learners in the classrooms. They are equipped with the latest teaching techniques and strategies to expedite their learning. Moreover, our instructors are professional, experienced, and their lessons are fun and engaging.

Partner Universities

PECSB frequently collaborates with private and public universities across Malaysia. As such, we are able to bridge our learners at Premium Language Centre to the university of their choice. Premium Language Centre is also appointed as an official English Language Provider for our partner universities.

University Pathway

Not only do we provide our learners with sufficient language skills, but we are also able to get them into their desired programme at our partner universities across the country.

The Power of Reinvention

To keep up with the times, Premium Language Centre is always working on improving and upgrading its programmes to meet the demands of our learners. As a result, our academic team is never static. Currently, they are working on several programmes.


IT Infrastructure

The centre is fully equipped with a professional framework and IT infrastructure to give our learners access to the latest technologies and Wi-Fi. In 2023, we aim to digitize our programmes.

Organised Classrooms

The classrooms are organised in a structured and spacious manner to promote a comfortable and conducive learning environment. Class size is capped at 16.

Free Access

Additionally, our learners can study at the designated areas in the centre or lounge on our comfortable armchairs and/or bean bags. They can also play games and use the ‘Surau’ to pray.

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5 stars language centre
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