An Instructor’s Perspective: What Can Students Do to Accelerate the Mastery of English?

An Instructor’s Perspective: What Can Students Do to Accelerate the Mastery of English?
An Instructor’s Perspective: What Can Students Do to Accelerate the Mastery of English? study English at Premium Language Centre.

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By: Mr. Harith

Take a moment to ask yourself this question; Are you ready to commit time and effort to learn English? Just like building an ideal body type, learning English requires discipline. This is the reality of learning the target language that is overlooked by most students. If you’re a keen learner, then continue reading on for some tips to master English effectively.

  • Paying Attention

Before you can even communicate effectively, you need to first start by being familiar with the language. This means you should pay attention to details. Do that by looking at and remembering road signs, book, movie, song titles, names of authors, directors, and more. This information can help you engage in daily conversations as you need to have the content. You should know that learning a new language is also learning a new culture. There is no way you can separate these two elements as the language is heavily influenced by the culture and vice versa. This is because you have to know what is currently going on in native-speaking countries as the language is vastly shaped by its users. 

  • Utilising Technology 

Ever since the covid-19 pandemic, big digitalised companies such as Netflix, Youtube, and Google gained a sharp increase in their user count. In other words, English Language materials are at your fingertips. Educational videos can be found on Youtube, and online exercises can be found through google. You need to put in extra effort outside of the classroom to be an independent learner by taking advantage of the ever-growing technology. Learning the English language does not always have to be serious. Therefore, accessing the already available material is essential for your language growth. Listening to a podcast, watching a TV series, or even watching the news or talk show is sufficient.  

  • Attend Classes Regularly

Missing even a day of class means missing a lot. This needs to be understood if you would like to learn English the traditional way. The learning experience when you are with your instructor is different from learning all by yourself, and that is a fact. With the instructor present, you can get timely feedback on your progress, thus elevating your language skills. What is more, you have a personal guide who will be able to address your language challenges.  

In conclusion, learning English is all in the mindset; if you think it  is easy, then it shall be as simple as A-B-C and 1-2-3, but if you think it is difficult, then it shall be extremely difficult. Remember, learning English is a continuous process, and it requires consistent effort and dedication from you. So, if you’re ready to embark on this journey, do sign up with us today. 

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